Welcome to Walnut Creek! 

Shipping & Purchasing Steps

Shipping Information

Personal Pick up

This is our method of choice for delivery. We encourage everyone to come and meet us, our dogs, and see exactly where your baby was raised. It is important for you to see that we provide the highest quality of care for our parents and our babies. Each of them receives lots of TLC, proper nutrition, socialization, & impeccable veterinary care; which is what makes our puppies so amazing. We understand this does not work for everyone though. We will do whatever we can to aide in the delivery of your precious cargo.

Other options:

There are several options if you can not visit us here in person.  If you would rather fly here personally I will meet you at the airport with your baby. I will hand deliver your puppy to you personally, bring you all of your goodies, & meet you with everything you will need to take your baby home. You will need a soft sided carrier to bring them back on the plane with you. Also, when you make your reservation please inform the agent that you will be returning with an animal in cabin. You will be able to land here and hop on the next available flight home. 

We are also available to fly your new baby to you. With enough notice we can arrange this option for close to or maybe just a bit more cost as shipping your puppy, but with my personal TLC. If the distance I am flying requires an overnight stay we will put the hotel costs on your invoice.

We can also drive part of the way to meet you. We can find a central meeting location that works well for both of us. I welcome the chance to meet everyone and love to see the smiles my puppies bring to everyone's face.

Steps to purchasing a Puppy

If you are interested in purchasing one of these wonderful dogs, this page describes how we sell them. I love each and every one of the puppies and evaluate each application very carefully and /or will spend time on the phone before accepting any monies. Prices are listed on the Puppy Availability page. Please note: Deposits are non-refundable. Prices indicated are for the purchase of the puppy only and do NOT include shipping and handling fees. Please browse the entire website to learn about our dogs and if you have not had a dog previously, please understand they require a commitment of time (lots, but the pay you back with love) and money: food, grooming and health care must be considered.

Step 1. Fill out the on-line application, as this gets the ball rolling. I will respond by email or phone as requested. The application/contract can be returned via email or fax.  Our fax number is 402-939-0342.

Step 2. Print out a copy of the contract, sign and mail.

Step 3. Once your application has been approved, we will notify you via email or phone.  We will ask you to make the required deposit of $500 for an English Bulldog puppy and $300 for a Pug puppy once your puppy is 3 weeks old.  Payment can be made via PayPal, which is the quickest way or you may choose to use an express delivery service or the USPS. Puppies are reserved as applications are received and approved. (Please note, personal checks require additional time to clear)

Step 4. Balance of all monies are due, in cash, upon pick up of your puppy.

Step 5. Getting your puppy: arrangements must be made as to the method of transportation to be used in advance. Puppies are usually allowed to go to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age.  There are occasions that we will delay a pick up until 10 weeks if we find it in the best interest of the health and well being of the puppy.  If you are unable to receive the puppy at the determined time, there will be an additional charge of $15 per day to board and care for the puppy.

Questions? Do not hesitate to e-mail or call!