Meet Mayabell!  She can put her tongue in but she prefers to just let it hang out!  Mayabell has tons of little clown in her!  Rugger is her daddy and Roxy Larson is her momma.

Meet Jake, Jake from State Farm! 

Meet Ma'ammy!  Ma'ammy is Silver and Rugger's 

daughter.  She is the smallest female pug we have.  She is absolutely adorable!

Meet Penelope!  Penelope is Yoshi and Silver's 

daughter.  Penelope is the epitome of AKC breed standards!   This is one amazing pug <3!

Meet Good Luck Charlie!  Charlie makes us laugh with her funny little antics!  She is a true "little clown"!  Charlie is enjoying her retirement.  

Meet Clarabelle!  This adorable spunky gal is four years old.  She is the daughter of Rugger and Roxy. 

Meet Silver Ray!  AKA: Sil

Sil is the love of our lives!  She is not only beautiful but brilliant as well!   Sil is almost ten and is retired from breeding.

Meet Rugger!  He is very muscular and stout yet he only weighs 14 lbs.  He is a lot of pug in a compact little body!

Meet Nelly Lou Whoo.

Nelly is Silver Ray's prodigy!  She is a whole lot of pug packed in a tiny little space!

Welcome to Walnut Creek! 

Meet Yoshi!  He is a gorgeous apricot male.  He is full of wrinkles and personality!