Welcome to Walnut Creek! 

This ear cleanser is awesome!  We just put a few drops in each ear and it keeps our dogs ears clean and this stuff smells great!  Click on the picture to be taken to Revival Animal Health which is where we get it from.

This puppy playpen is great for cold winter time potty training.  Place the pen outside near the door put your puppy in the pen and go back inside with your human little one and give voice commands to your puppy from the door.  This way you can make sure your puppy gets it's job done and be warm inside with your baby or toddler.  This pen also works great for an almost potty trained puppy when used indoors.  It gives the puppy a little more room but still keeps boundaries in place.

We could not live with our dogs without this amazing brush!  Pugs and Bulldogs shed but with this brush you do not have to live with hair all over your house.  The furminator removes the undercoat.  This is the brush that groomer use.  It is worth every penny it may cost!  Click on the image to be taken to amazon.com where you can purchase one.

New Puppy Care:

A wire crate like this is preferred as your puppy will be able to see out and the ventilation is much better than the plastic crates.  Click on the crate to be taken directly to amazon.com to purchase one.

Supplies that we recommend: