We are a professional and experienced breeder licensed by the state of Nebraska. We have been raising quality puppies since 1998.  We come from a long line of Bulldog lovers.   I was five years old when I first fell in love with the Bulldog breed while browsing through old family photos with my grandmother.   While I had never seen a bulldog in real life, I fell in love with the breed from the old photos of Cap, my father's boyhood dog and buddy.  I proclaimed at just 5 years old, that one day I was going to have one of "those" dogs.  I have been blessed to share my life with many bulldogs over the years.  The picture below is one of the pictures of Cap and my dad.

 Our entire family takes part in helping us raise and love these puppies. Our vision is to provide a place where families or individuals can purchase a purebred puppy that is healthy and well socialized. Our goal is to raise quality puppies that will be with you and your family for many years. The puppy's temperament is very important to us; we focus on producing friendly, outgoing, and happy puppies.

Our dogs are raised as part of our family, and only after much research, continuous learning, and careful selection of our dogs from experienced breeders, are we ready to offer a litter to selective, loving homes. We spend countless hours with the puppies from birth until they leave here, so we can learn each one's personality. We usually have a good idea of which one is the most dominant, and which is the most submissive. Some may be better with families with children, and others may be better for the active couple on the go. We feel that looks alone should never be the sole basis when picking a new family member. When its time for you to pick out your puppy we will try and help you pick the one that best fits with your family or lifestyle. We want to be sure that everyone will be happy with his or her choice of breed and that it be a permanent one. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can reach us at 402-560-2005 or email us at Kellie@walnutcreekkennel.com It is so great to see how much joy a puppy can bring to someone's life. Our family welcomes you to our website where your questions are always welcome!

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Kellie Moyer treated my precious little puppy with all the care and attention you could ever ask for! Very healthy and well socialized puppy!

Mrs. Becky E.


A lifetime of support.


Help choosing the puppy that is right for you.


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Our mentor, Gary Danner, at the AKC show in St. Jo, MO

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Welcome to Walnut Creek!

Mrs. B. Smith


I couldn't be happier with the care and advice that the Moyer's provided our family and our new puppy is perfect.


A healthy puppy.


Kellie, Ezra, and Elias!